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The Sharp Remodeling Process
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To ensure that your kitchen remodel goes smoothly from beginning to end, our team follows a seven-step process. 

We have listed each step of the kitchen remodeling process and what work it entails so that you can better understand what we do and how your kitchen remodel is coming along. 

Step #1: Permits for the Kitchen Renovation
Every City has different kitchen remodeling permit requirements, therefore, this step of the process entails converting your kitchen renovation design into construction documents, submitting them for construction permit approval and getting approval finalized.

Step #2: Demolition - We are the cleanest remodeling company in Birmingham
In the first few days of your kitchen remodel we disconnect all the water, gas and electrical lines going to existing sinks, ranges, receptacles and lights. We remove all the old kitchen cabinets, appliances, countertops, lights and floor coverings. We clean our work area everyday so you can freely walk around your home enjoying and living in it during the transformation.

Step #3: Mechanical, Electric & Plumbing
Our contractors will then “rough in” the electrical and plumbing lines (bring the wires, cables and pipes to where they need to be). Your project manager will then come to ensure that all the work being done is in line with the remodeling design that you have agreed on. 

These electricians, plumbers and HVAC mechanics have been working with us and are trusted members of The Sharp Remodeling Specialty Team. 

Step #4: Rough Inspection
At this point we bring in the inspectors to make sure all work is being done to code so the job can proceed. 

Step #5: The Kitchen Remodel 
At this stage, we will now drywall all the open walls, patch any holes, paint, and lay down the flooring. Once that is complete, we set and adjust the base cabinets on top of the new floor. After that we have our professional countertop team, measure the tops of the cabinets for the best fit (it can take a week or more to create the countertop). While we wait for the finished countertops, we will proceed to hang and adjust the wall cabinets and install the appliances.  Remember, the area we are remodeling for you will be swept daily and kept clean.  

Step #6: Completion
Once the countertop has been installed, our in-house tile setter sets the kitchen backsplash tile, and the process of installing the faucet and connecting the appliances begin, also we install light fixtures and device plates. Final touch ups substantially completes the kitchen remodeling project.

Step #7: Begin to Enjoy Your New Kitchen!
After the kitchen remodeling is complete, we’ll come to show you how to clean and care for your kitchen cabinetry, countertops, and tile. We’ll also complete our final inspection, show you before and after pictures, and discuss any other projects or work you might want done in the future.

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