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Home Maintenance Services

Your Birmingham home must stand up to a lot. Constant wear from the elements and your family can take its toll over a lifetime leaving your home looking dull and outdated. Frequent home repairs and maintenance can keep your home in great condition. Sharp Remodeling Birmingham’s full line of services includes home maintenance services. 

Exterior Surface Maintenance – Your home’s exterior surface can take a beating from Alabama’s harsh weather. From winter snows to springtime severe weather, your home must withstand a broad range of elements. Seasonal maintenance and repairs can prevent future damage that can be costly. Sharp Remodeling Birmingham provides a variety of exterior surface maintenance and repairs services to keep your home in good condition. Our surface cleaning services will remove grimy buildup that can leave your home looking dirty. If your home’s exterior surfaces are looking dull, we will add a fresh coat of paint to brighten up your home’s facade. 

Maintain Vigilant Roofing Repairs – A new roof can be a costly repair. Frequent maintenance can help extend the life of your roof saving you money on expensive repairs. Sharp Remodeling Birmingham will look for loose shingles and other common issues that can lead to extensive damage if left unattended. Without home maintenance services, your home will degrade in comfort, appearance and value. Preserve your home through Sharp Remodeling Birmingham’s maintenance and repair services. Not sure where to start?  Sharp Remodeling Birmingham offers area homeowners a free, 17-point maintenance survey to assess your home needs and provide you with real answers to your maintenance and repair questions. We’ll even provide you with a written summary of what needs attention and what’s a high priority so that you can direct your effort and budget to the highest return items. 

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Trade Secrets and Tips

  • Approach your remodeling project as an opportunity to add value without spending foolishly - to live better and contribute to your nest egg.

  • Bring a contractor into the process early on, when you're developing a design and coming up with a budget. In effect, you'll have the services of a professional cost consultant who can make suggestions on keeping your project affordable.

  • Consult with your tax adviser if your remodeling project includes upgrading insulation, windows, lighting, and heating and air-conditioning equipment, or adding alternative-energy products.  You may qualify for tax credits that help offset the cost of construction.

  • Get the floor plan right first.  Your floor plan and elevations represent the cake; designer details are the icing.  Remain authentic in style and consistent in scale. Good taste always looks more expensive - and usually cost less. 

  • See if you can achieve your remodeling goals without the expense of moving plumbing locations and bearing walls.  It's better to save your money for finishes.

  • If you don't have a designer's eye, work within the color schemes offered by a particular brand of pain to achieve subtle, harmonious variety from room to room.

  • With so many choices on the market today, it pays to narrow your selection criteria. Before settling on specifics such as wall colors and tile patterns, chose product lines within your price range and then select from this affordable palette.

  • If you have a green building materials supplier in your area, check out the range of attractive ecological products now available. These include linoleum, cork, slate, recycled glass tile, bamboo, clay plaster and paper based fiber composites.  Beyond their environmental advantages, these surfaces bring unusual textures and colors into the home. 

  • An average house might cost about $50 to weatherize, but you can expect to save two to three times that much in energy savings in just one heating season. 

  • A wood-burning fireplace may be heartwarming, but it actually has a cooling effect overall, potentially accounting for 15 percent of a home's heat loss.  When not in use, the flue should be sealed off. 

  • For a quick calculation of just how much you would save by reducing air leaks and upgrading insulation, deduct 30 percent from your yearly utility costs.

  • When packing for a vacation, don't forget the thermostat.  Most newer models have a vacation setting that allows you to scale back energy use for the time you will be away. Once you're back home, you can restore your normal settings with the push of a button.

  • The number of blades in a ceiling fan is unimportant.  In fact, some of the most effective fans only have two.  A more important consideration is the pitch or angle of the blades.  To move a good volume of air, look for blades with a pitch of at least 12 degrees.

  • Save water and you'll save electricity.  That's because reduced water consumption will mean less work for your water heater.  The bonus is water bill savings.

  • To have your home make a good first impression, pay attention to the front door.  It gives visitors a visual and tactile experience.  Keep the door freshly painted in a diverting color, and splurge a bit on a high-quality handle. 

  • As you weigh the decision about whether to replace exterior doors, keep the potential energy savings in mind.  New doors with a wood or fiberglass exterior and an insulated core can achieve levels of energy efficiency unmatchable with traditional frame-and-panel units.

  • Compared to the energy saved by replacing appliances with efficient models, you can get a better return by investing in highly efficient windows.

  • Don't install a sealed storm window over leaded glazing on a sunny side of the house, or the resulting high temperatures may melt the lead. 

  • Light-colored ceilings draw the eye upward and create a sense of height, while dark ceilings tend to keep the focus on the room's walls, furnishings and accessories. 

  • When planning the lighting of your home, think like a photographer.  Use light not only to see by also to illuminate objects (and people) in the best possible way.

  • Pocket doors  open wide for handicap access, and you don't have to worry about having enough room to park a wheelchair within the arc of a swinging door.

  • When choosing baseboard, height makes a greater impression than thickness.  If you are on a tight budget, select tall profiles on the thin side. 

  • Mounted soap dispensers are a handy feature to have by the sink and it reduces clutter. You might install two: one for hand soap and the other for dish washing liquid.

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