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Kitchen Countertop Granite

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The following granite colors are available for both Kitchen and Bathroom

Popular granite colors- click the links below to see kitchen and bath ideas.

Baltic Brown - Click to see a kitchen design using granite countertops in Baltic Brown.

Baltic Brown Granite - Sharp Remodeling Specialty Birmingham, Mountain Brook, Homewood, Vestavia, Forest Park, Hoover, Trussville, Moody, Leeds.  We supply great kitchen design ideas and elements for your small kitchen ideas as well.

Black Pearl - Click to see a kitchen design using granite countertops in
This granite is a warm black with a mute look 

Black Pearl - Sharp Remodeling Specialty has great design elements and Remodeling ideas

Ornamental runs in a diagonal pattern it has a cream base with chocolate and slight garnet droplets.Ornamental Granite - Sharp Remodeling Specialty Birmingham kitchen countertop, kitchen cabinet and small kitchen ideas

This has a nice mingled pattern of taupe, beige, black and white.  It includes a warm gray, bits of red and clusters of black.  It can have black golf-ball size natural imperfections.

Crema Carmel Granite - Sharp Remodeling Specialty Birmingham, Homewood, small kitchen ideas? No problem You can have big impact with small bathroom kitchen budget

A nice sand and terracotta color with the pattern running left to right.  Gold with little bits of gray and garnet droplets.

St. Celillia Granite - Sharp Remodeling Specialty Vestavia, Homewood, Trussville, Mountain Brook, Hoover, Birmingham we serve you and bring big impact to small kitchen ideas

This has a smaller mingled pattern with a medium brown coloring.

Tropical Brown Granite - Sharp Remodeling Specialty our clients in Birmingham love this granite countertop color added to your kitchen design ideas

This color is a great way to achieve black in your coloring of your room.  It is a stable color and medium dark with huge deposits of color.

Ubatuba Granite - Sharp Remodeling Specialty we love to say this color as well as install this in Birmingham, Mountain Brook, Homewood, Hoover, East Lake, Center Point, Clay, Leeds, Pell City, Inverness, Valleydale Road, Mt Laurel, Mountain Brook, kitchens everywhere.

This is like Ubatuba with large explosive type of pattern with green and gold.

Peacock Green Granite - Sharp Remodeling Specialty of Homewood, Grants Mill, Trussville, Mountain Brook, Birmingham have years of experience in kitchen design ideas and small kitchen design ideas for over 20 years

New Venetian Gold Granite - Sharp Remodeling Specialty Homewood kitchen granite countertops and kitchen cabinets

Verde butter coloring

New Caledonia Granite - Sharp Remodeling Specialty of Birmingham recommends this for your kitchen design ideas and large and small bathroom design ideas

Absolute Black Granite - Sharp Remodeling Specialty has installed this color granite countertops in Homewood, Birmingham, Vestavia, Mountain Brook, Trussville.  We would love to share out ideas about kitchen design

Black Galaxy Granite - Sharp Remodeling Specialty this is a very beautiful and popular color in Mountain Brook, Vestavia, Hoover, Inverness and Birmingham.  It looks great with white kitchen cabinets and white kitchen design ideas.

Kashmire White Granite - Sharp Remodeling Specialty this is a very nice color if you are in Mountain Brook, Homewood, Vestavia, hoover or Birmingham let me bring you a sample to help you with your kitchen remodeling ideas

Giallo Veneziano Granite - Sharp Remodeling Specialty of Mountain Brook and Birmingham has installed this color in both small bathrooms ideas and larger kitchens design ideas

Giallo Vicenza Granite - Sharp Remodeling Specialty shows this granite countertop on the website, can you find it on this Birmingham website?

Black Impala Granite - Sharp Remodeling Specialty has seen this granite countertop become a number one pick through the years.  It looks great with all wood kitchen cabinets and found all over Birmingham

Blue Pearl Granite - Sharp Remodeling Specialty of Birmingham, Homewood and Vestavia, has seen this in a small bathroom and it looks very beautiful