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Design Remodeling Ideas

Sharp Remodeling Specialty renovation design is more than creating beautiful spaces.

 It’s a process to help you achieve the best possible project for your unique functional, taste and budget goals.

The Sharp design concept begins with your general goals and desires. From there, a skilled designer helps you explore feasibility and budget implications. 

When you’re comfortable with the general outline for the project, the designer develops a range of custom design schemes illustrated with floor plans, 3D computer visualizations and material samples. 

You’ll select what you love and make your decisions with confidence knowing the total project will work for functionally and look fabulous.

Another added value with the Sharp design/build process is seamless integration between design and production. 

Many remodeling projects derail when construction takes place with insufficient planning, detail and preparation. 

At Sharp Remodeling Specialty,  your designer develops your project in concert with the trades professionals who will produce the design in your home.

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