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A Little About Sharp Remodeling Birmingham, 
Your Home Remodeler and Designer
Home is where Sharp Remodeling Birmingham has focused since 1986.  We went into business as a Birmingham born and raised family business that has grown into one of the oldest Birmingham Remodeling companies in Birmingham. Sharp Remodeling Birmingham Cherishes Southern values just as you do.  We appreciate hospitality, family and friends as well as football and BBQ just like most folks in Birmingham do. When you hire Sharp Remodeling Birmingham you get a team of professionals who are proud of their southern roots and who also are well connected throughout the United States.Have you ever noticed that we do things differently in the South? 

We Southerners of Birmingham, Alabama place our home, family and hospitality 
in the center of our lives. 

Sharp Remodeling Specialty has been remodeling Birmingham homes with these same Southern values since 1986.  

The Sharp Remodeling Process is communicated daily to our clients as we transform their home.  The Sharp Remodeling Process also means we daily clean up after ourselves.  We are a Birmingham company and our southern roots are displayed in our distinct professionalism,  our hallmark design and quality production.  We consistently demonstrate our priorities to our clients.  Our true understanding and knowledge of our clients southern lifestyle is proven in the design we create for them  We know our clients will be entertaining friends, family and neighbors frequently in their remodeled Birmingham homes.  We are hospitality driven as well.  We communicate our southern roots and upbringing through all of our projects from start to completion.  We think of our clients and design for convenience, classic southern beauty and charm.  A Sharp Remodeling Specialty home is beautiful to come home to and will warmly welcome many guest. 
Whether you were raised in the south or you were transplanted here,  you know that what sets Birmingham apart as “The Magic City” is our focus on home, family and hospitality.  Everyone knows Birmingham, Alabama is at the heart of southern living and Sharp Remodeling Specialty creates beautiful style for living at home.

Sharp Remodeling specializes in building clients for life through custom home remodeling, house additions, and home improvement projects to make your home more comfortable and functional.  We have been in business since 1986 so we have many loyal clients who have referred us to their family and friends.
With each project that we complete, our goal is to hear our client say, "That’s exactly what we wanted!"
Life at Home
Modern lifestyles are busy and keep most of us away from the home more than we’d like. That’s why it’s important to have a comfortable house to enjoy when you do find time to spend there. 
Sharp Remodeling Birmingham - When we remodel your home, we are focused on creating a functional, yet relaxing space that allows you and your family to get the most out of time spent at home.  We have the experience to customize design solutions for your changing families, from babies to empty-nesters. Because family living needs are constantly changing, Sharp Remodeling Birmingham understands the importance of creating custom designs that adapt to your family as you adjust to different life phases. Whether you’re just starting out, welcoming new children, or concerned about aging in place, we invite your family to join ours.
Sweet Home Alabama - Home Sweet Home with Sharp Remodeling Birmingham.  With us as your Birmingham home remodeler, you will see how we understand the importance of Southern hospitality when planning and building your designs. 
Sharp Remodeling Birmingham has been in business since 1986.  Our family owned and operated business has refurbished many homes that are historical and older homes that needed to be gutted and made completely modern.  We have the experience and the appreciation to take care of your house and make it into the Birmingham home you dream of it becoming

The Magic City of Birmingham is known for it's growth, revitalization and we hope …
The Sharp Remodeling Process and Design

We are local, we share neighbors in the area! 
Cahaba Heights, Over the Mountain, Vestavia Hills, Hoover, Mountain Brook, Homewood, Forest Park, Chelsea, Leeds, Moody, Trussville, Inverness and Mt Laurel.
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 Remodeling kitchens and bathroom in the
Birmingham area since 1986!
  We want to welcome you to our website!
Thank you for stopping by.  If you are interested in finding large or small kitchen remodeling ideas or want a big change in a large or small kitchen or bathroom you've come to the right place.
Please make yourself at home and view our kitchen design idea website at your leisure.  
We have served the greater Birmingham area for over 20 years including Mountain Brook, Vestavia, Homewood, Hoover, Inverness, Trussville, Moody, Leeds and many more areas. We are the best at customer service.  We have the experience to give great kitchen design ideas and wonderful remodeling ideas.  Let Glenn create beautiful handcrafted pieces like this pie safe.  He is a master craftsman with experience and attention to detail.We developed three Remodeled Kitchen Ideas to help you build your kitchen wish list - These Custom Kitchen Remodeling ideas are for your convenience they include  the features you need for a new kitchen remodeling project in Birmingham. 
Because we have been in business for so long in the Birmingham area we know your needs when it comes to kitchen design.  You will find one of our ideas will fit your remodeling needs and your budget.
On our website we have included pictures from past custom kitchen remodeling, additions, home improvements, bathroom remodeling and historical home refurbishing.  If you are in the idea gathering, research and inspiration phase of your home improvement and project planning, you will find our pictures are great for browsing and giving you design ideas.
Also we want to help you organize your ideas for kitchen cabinets, granite counter tops, for large or small kitchen idea gathering.  We have included printable worksheets to also check off your favorite kitchen sinks, kitchen faucets, Kitchen oven hoods, colors of granite counter tops and kitchen cabinets to really get your kitchen design idea project started.
Again, make yourself at home and contact us when you are ready to make your appointment for a personal tour of our exclusive Sharp Remodeling Birmingham - 3-D Home Design Idea Software.  Bring your printable worksheet from this website to your complementary Remodeling Birmingham Design meeting.   We know you will get excited as you watch the transformation of your project change into your dream custom home remodeling right before your eyes.  

Below are Examples of Custom Kitchens
       The Sharp Remodeling Specialty - Idea Kitchen #1
Sharp Remodeling Birmingham work as a team to create a seamless design from your existing homes structure to creating a sound remodeling design that will last for many many years.  We don't just cover or paint over your homes issues that could cause structural problems, we do it right.  Sharp Remodeling Birmingham is a state licensed home builder, home design, home improvement and home remodeling company,  Sharp Remodeling Birmingham went the extra mile years ago to be a state licensed business so we could provide quality work and be professionals. The first thing we build is trust.This idea kitchen is for the homeowner who desires to have a few updates to their kitchen.  Perhaps your tastes differ from the previous homeowner. When you choose Sharp Remodeling Specialty - for your Kitchen Remodeling in Birmingham, we will make the update appear seamless from old to new.  Ask for testimonies and photos of our work.
As you plan your design to remodel your kitchen, make a wish list.  Here are a few things you will want to include.  Take note of your favorite details and ask us how to fit them into your budget.  Try to include the following:
Granite Counter tops - Up to 30 s.f. of 3 cm thick natural stone. Your choice from 10 Elegant colors
Tile Back Splash - Up to 25 sf of ceramic tiles in several neat, clean and elegant colors set in traditional square or subway patterns.
Kitchen Sinks - Under-Mounted sink your choice of 3 styles, (traditional 50/50, stylish offset bowl, or the popular 30 inch single bowl).
Kitchen Faucets- Stylish single lever faucet with pull out spray handle. 
Soap Dispenser - Elegant matching dispenser with easy refillable container. 
Stone Sealer -  15 year limited warranty.  (Marble or Travertine not included).

Sharp Remodeling Birmingham - Kitchen Ideas  #2
Your small kitchen ideas may not be the size you need for your expanding family.  Sharp Remodeling Specialty provides quality workmanship and experience to help clients get the design and space they need for their families. If you live in the Greater Birmingham area and need remodeling in your kitchen or bathroom call Glenn Sharp today and get an appointment.  Sharp Remodeling Specialty Birmingham custom builds details - A custom remodeled kitchen is for the homeowner who wants updates that are in the above wish list but also wants to change the look of their cabinets.  In the  kitchen idea below - plan for your budget to include up to 25 new all-wood cabinet doors and 7 new all-wood drawer fronts.  Plus all the cabinet frames to be prepped and painted.
Ask Glenn Sharp for an estimate when you have your appointment to design your kitchen.

Tile Back Splash - Up to 25 s.f. ceramic tiles in several neat, clean and elegant colors set in traditional square or subway pattern.
Kitchen Sinks-  Under-mounted sinks your choice of 3 styles (traditional 50/50, stylish offset bowl, or the popular 30 inch single bowl).
Soap Dispenser - Elegant matching dispenser with easy refillable container.
Kitchen Cabinets - All cabinet frames to be prepped and painted.
Outlet Covers- Replace up to 3 new plugs and matching covers, (white, ivory or beige).

         Kitchen Idea #3               
The homeowner who selects the Kitchen Idea #3 from Sharp Remodeling Birmingham - wants a full kitchen make over.  
 Sharp Remodeling Specialty can  create a complete Customized  Kitchen.   
The homeowner who needs a fully customized kitchen will find that this brings the most savings for the amount of remodeling to your kitchen. 
As with all of our Sharp Remodeling Birmingham kitchen ideas, you only need to hire us to do it all.  You get a State Licensed Contractor who can handle changes in your plumbing and electrical. There is NO need to hire additional workers.
Sharp Remodeling Birmingham's - Complete Custom Kitchen Idea  #3 includes: 
  • All of the listed remodeling from all of the above wish list #1 & #2
  • New hardwood flooring,
  • Walls painted in designer colors
  • Painted trim to match the rest of the kitchen
  • We tear out and remove all of your existing cabinets, counter tops, trash and debris.
  • Exclusive 3D Walk-through Computer Design - layout of your space showing a 3-D image of your new Kitchen, you will see how your new Granite will look in your kitchen, along with the paint colors and back splash that you choose.
  • Granite Counter-tops - Up to 30 s.f. of 3 cm thick natural stone. Your choice from 10 beautiful colors
  • Custom Back-splash - Up to 25 sf of ceramic tiles in several neat, clean and elegant colors set in traditional square or subway patterns.
  • Kitchen Sink - Under-Mounted sink your choice of 3 styles, (traditional 50/50, stylish offset bowl, or the popular 30 inch single bowl).
  • Kitchen Faucet - Stylish single lever faucet with pull out spray handle. 
  • Kitchen Soap Dispenser - Elegant matching dispenser with easy refillable container.
  • Stone Counter-top Sealer - 15 year limited warranty (Marble or Travertine not included).
Kitchen Remodeling Birmingham
"We would love to meet you and your family. We have made friends with our clients over years because we strive to bring friendly service, a clean and safe work site, and luxury materials for an affordable price.
Sharp Remodeling Specialty only uses all wood kitchen cabinets, no pressed board.  We love to provide quality to our customers and great Kitchen design ideas and small bathroom remodeling design.  We don't use press wood.  We use real wood.  Please enjoy this cabinet inspiration.
We are your go-to professionals from start to finish for your project and on your budget."  -Glenn Sharp, Owner 
From our Clients
"Because they swept and moved their equipment each evening, our family could safely visit the area as it was being remodeled." - Liberty Park
"We all enjoyed the opportunity to dream, take note of the progress, and process as it changed daily and transformed from dream, design to a reality."   - Hoover
Have you thought about adding to your Kitchen design ideas an element of a fireplace? We are your kitchen cabinet, granite countertop and  bathroom remodel company of Birmingham.  Give us a call to experience our Exclusive 3D kitchen and bathroom remodeling designing tool.
Sharp Remodeling Birmingham - We developed our Kitchen ideas to fit your needs.  When you hire us you will find we do it all.  We are an all-inclusive remodeling company from design ideas to completion. 
There is NO need to hire a decoratorWe have the hands-on experience to help you with design and color choices.
Creating and building beautiful details in your remodeling project design makes a big difference in your custom home.  Sharp Remodeling Birmingham is more than happy to show you some ideas that you might not have thought about.  Our years in business and experience with home remodeling is to your advantage.  We know how to listen to our clients and we know how to serve you well.
Sharp Remodeling Birmingham can add all types of molding and trim to your home.  Ask about the options and upgrades you can add to your kitchen for an additional fee. 

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